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Job Seekerstaffing December 31, 2022

IT Staff Augmentation: Best Way to Extend Your Team

The ever-evolving IT industry is thriving to innovate and progress with the latest technologies and software, helping businesses surge growth. 

And we can’t deny that the growth of a company evenly depends upon the candidates you hire for your organization. Many enterprises often consider location as a major constraint during the recruitment process. 

However, need not to mention, that you cannot find the best talent always in the same city or the same country. Most importantly, the cost of hiring an in-house talent can be more expensive than it seems. 

That’s the reason the IT Staff Augmentation model is winning in the market and helping startups, large-scale companies, and corporations in leveraging their overall business projects successfully. 

Let’s understand in detail about the IT Staff Augmentation model and how it can benefit your business.

What is staff augmentation?

IT Staff Augmentation is a software development outsourcing model that complements the existing in-house team with external expertise. It means that you can fill up the gap in the team’s skills through Staff Augmentation services – contracting experts who can meet your specific IT project needs. 

This is one of the most effective organizational strategies that let you hire candidates quickly for a short or long period depending on the time and size of the project. Through this model, you can extend your team by hiring a highly experienced specialist temporarily. 

Here, the external experts become an integral part of your project team and they cooperate and maintain synergy with your in-house teammates for a short period. 

Staff Augmentation, being an industry buzzword, helps IT businesses to grow their team without bearing any additional cost. This method is suitable for employees and employers who want to work on a project-only basis. 

How IT Staff Augmentation can benefit your business?

Here are some of the benefits of incorporating the IT Staff Augmentation model into your business -: 

  • Lessen your legal work 

Hiring candidates for your organization involves a lot of legal formalities and paperwork that includes – preparing employee contracts, payroll management, taxation planning, employee benefits, health and compensation benefits, and more. 

However, when you leverage IT Staff augmentation, your outsourcing partner will act as an employer and accordingly, will manage all your paperwork and legal responsibilities. So, there will be less legal hassle for your business. 

  • Overcoming geological limitations

Various tech startups and corporations are facing challenges in bringing out the right candidate at the right time at the right place from the same city or country. But, in the real sense, the location of your employee doesn’t matter much. What matters the most are the skill set, work ethic, and discipline towards delivery. 

Today, IT Staff Augmentation offers a complete solution to this grievance by helping you scout the best and most highly qualified professionals anywhere in the world without limiting geographical boundaries. Start prioritizing experience over residence address while hiring the best fit for your organization. 

  • Most competent candidates

While your in-house team has been working on a single project for months and years, a potential IT outsourcing partner could have launched multiple applications at the same time. 

With the IT Staff Augmentation model, you will have a bigger spectrum of talent who can complement your team and get your work done in no time with unmatched quality. 

Professionals at outsourcing companies have already worked in a variety of industry verticals. Unlike in-house experts, they do not work only in one single domain. They keep on accepting projects from different niches that make them skilled and advanced. 

Thus, you can rely on them for unique architectural decisions contributing to overall organizational success at par. 

  • On-time submissions 

An in-house product development team often works with a clear roadmap and well-structured planning. However, they lack agility. They do not focus on continuous improvement at every stage of the product development process. And, any unexpected iteration can lead to a delay in submission. 

It is extremely important to follow an iterative approach at all stages of product development to deliver value to your customers with less iterations and lesser headaches. 

Direct/ Full-time Hire employees via staff augmentation often prioritize tasks and conduct possible iterations to deliver a final version to the client before the deadline. 

  • Enhanced Security and authenticity 

When your work with external team members or your outsourcing partner, the security and authenticity of personal information becomes the major concern, right? 

However, a specialist outsourcing company signs an agreement with their clients to not to disclose any information regarding the project with due diligence.

Most importantly, you have to sign an NDA with the staff outsourcing firm to enhance the security of your intellectual property right. You can take legal action in case of data breach or loss of confidential information. 

So, all your project or product details remain confident with the external team members binded within the legal practices. 

  • Adaptation and expansion 

Companies often strategize to thrive in the prevailing market conditions. However, you can’t deny the magnitude of risks and failures associated with expansion. In that case, staff augmentation helps you through flexible hiring and scaling your business on a trial basis without investing much in it.

So, for startups or companies who are planning for expansion or new product development, the staff augmentation model will let you innovate, test, and try to evolve constantly with the ever-changing market. 

The Final Words 

Outsourcing is often a great way to optimize your resources and save your time and money in hiring the right talent at the right place and at the right time. Your company might lack this approach. 

So, integrate the IT Staff Augmentation model in your organization and start delegating some parts of your challenging project overseas. Leverage their expertise and embrace their quality service without needing to spend more. 

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